Live Chat

LiveLOUD Live Chat is a safe space created for those struggling with a substance use disorder, and their loved ones.

Finding the right recovery path can take determination, grit, and lots of support. It really is true—no one does it alone. LiveLOUD Live Chat provides one-on-one, private messaging with a trained recovery coach. Recovery coaches truly understand this journey of addiction, and the extraordinary journey of recovery. Through the chat, and in complete confidentiality and privacy, you may ask anything about addiction or the recovery process, available support and treatment options, and the challenges you may be facing. As a family member, you can gain guidance on what to say to a loved one who is struggling, and, sometimes more importantly, what not to say.

For each individual who struggles with addiction, there may come a moment. In that moment, there is a short window of time where clarity comes, even through the clouds of confusion caused by this disease. When this clarity comes, it is best to be prepared, because the process of recovery brings challenges. Recovery coaches can help at each and every step. They can help explain the different types of treatment and recovery support, how to manage the process, what words and thoughts can guide loved ones, how to access a range of supports, and much more.

LiveLoud Live Chat is live and we are here if and when you need us; for any question, any reason.

The Live Chat will still live on all pages as it does today but we're hoping this helps to clear up any confusion on the user side about where to go to access the chat. Please let me know if you have any questions!