Teens & Young Adults

Do you feel like you might have a problem, but you’re not sure what to do next?

You are not alone. Here are a few options to support your path to wellness:

Get Support: SMART Recovery Group
Talk to someone: Statewide Young Adult Warmline (7days wk/ 12p -9p)
Listen: TPCT Podcast
Connect: Join Rise Be

A GREAT online community for young people.

TurningPointCT.org was developed by young people in Connecticut who are in recovery from mental health and substance use issues. While they are not clinicians, they know what it’s like to feel alone, stressed, worried, sad, and angry. They’ve lived through the ups and downs of self-harm, drugs and alcohol, and the struggle to find help. Fortunately, they found what worked for them. The TurningPointCT.org goal is to provide information and support to help you choose your path so that you don’t have to struggle.

Visit TurningPointCT.org